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  • How is 13Exchange different from other platforms, and how to make the deal with you?

    Project 13Exchange was created by professionals in order to simplify the processes of exchange and currencies conversion, improving their security. A profile P2P aggregator will help you make cryptocurrency offers with convenient payment methods. This can be done in two ways: through our telegram bot, or directly on our website.

  • What is 13Exchange?

    It is the first profile P2P aggregator that allows you to search for cryptocurrency offers with convenient payment methods.

    13Exchange analyzes offers on the platforms engaged in the peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies exchange, shows clients offers, taking into account all the parameters you set: currency, payment method, volume.

    With the help of our aggregator, you can safely exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money, or for other cryptocurrencies.

  • How are platforms selected for the rating?

    We took into account:

    — Company foundation date;

    — Scale: presence in local, international markets;

    — The company innovativeness;

    — The number of offers carried out;

    — Users reviews;

    — The number of available payment methods.

  • What is the aggregator for?

    We simplify the process of making offers, making it more profitable and safer. 13Exchange analyzes and provides the best options for you, just one click away.

  • Why did this idea come about?

    In the world of working with cryptocurrency, there was no high-quality and convenient aggregator. The creators of P2P platforms are changing the world, and we join their vision.

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