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How to build a route of money

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And without losing a cent? 🔎 When using classic banking instruments and international payment systems, difficulties often arise. It is still far from always possible to transfer between accounts in different banks, and if it is still possible — there will be a commission, even for transactions between regions of the same country. And its size is often quite large. If the recipient is abroad, the complexity can be even greater: the route of transactions depends on the work of international services, and transfer time will increase several times. 

With cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer method these problems can be avoided: if your parents, relatives, friends are abroad, they can receive or send a transfer in a few hours using BTC, ETH, USDT. For example, you are in Canada and use dollars, but want to send money to China — in this case, using 13Exchange aggregator you buy cryptocurrency, if you want, through PayPal, or choose any convenient payment method, for -0.5% of market value, because now cryptocurrency is volatile — and sell it in China, for example, with a spread +2% of market on WeChat Pay. 

Thus, you didn't just send money straight to your relative's card with a commission, wasting time in the Western Union branch queue, but saved time, avoided inconvenience and earned 2.5% of your original amount! 

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